Play 10 minutes STEM games powered by AI smart task system and prepare your kid for the digital future
Personalized learning program for your kid to develop cognitive skills
and achieve higher academic results
For 6−10 y.o. kids
We believe kids and parents can spend their screen time together in a fun and efficient way
One place
Play anywhere you like: at home, on the road or outdoors.
One device
All you need is a tablet or phone to play Codynamic together.
One moment
Share best moments together while your kid improves digital skills.
Team up with your kid!
Complete various missions
Develop future driven
Apply new knowledge
in real life
Inspire your kid with science and technology
Kids start learning STEM concepts in Codynamic since they are 6. This is a fantastic opportunity for parents to raise their children's interest for science and technologies.
Kids start getting familiar with math, physics, chemistry, biology and other subjects.
Codynamic has correlation to Common Core standards.
What kids learn playing the game?
Logical & Сomputational thinking
Algorithmic thinking and search, analysis and synthesis of the information.
Online Safety
Defining fake information, communication in messengers and e-mails and general web safety.
Communication with AI
How to communicate with AI and use it to help you solving problems in the game.
STEM Concepts
First step to Computer Science, Engineering
and Technology.
By 2025 90 percent of jobs will require digital skills, and that 65 percent of children entering primary school today will work in jobs that don’t currently exist. It’s critical that we introduce pupils to core AI concepts so they’re equipped to thrive in this environment.
— 'The Future of Jobs Report 2018', World Economic Forum
Personalized learning path based
on AI technology
You can track kid's personal progress while playing the game. His individualized
learning track is formed by AI according to game-based assessment.
AI helps to improve essential skills according to challenges result.
Explore multiple worlds together
Parent and child play as heroes that relocated to a new place
and discovered a science lab and its mysterious host inside a tree house. After some test challenges our heroes repair a portal that allows to travel between worlds, and that is only the beginning…
Huge variety of challenges
Online safety / Logical thinking / Problem solving/ Programming / Algorithms etc.
How Сodynamic works
New mission for you and your kid opens every week. You can go through it during one 40 minutes session or break it into quick 10 min sessions.
Between missions kid can develop digital skills deeper performing various challenges on computer science, online safety
and other logical puzzles.
Kids can spend their rewards to upgrade their secret base. Parents can track kid's skills progress. Now go ahead and try your new mission!
Outcomes for parents
Weekly newsletter
Get regular updates on your kid's progress and recommendations for extra learning resources
Digital skill set overview
Take a look at the skills that make your child prepared for the digital future
Better school grades
Logical, critical and computational thinking along with other skills help to achieve higher academic results
10 min sessions allow you to fit Codynamic
to your busy schedule
play anywhere you like
At home
In the cafe
In the park
On the road
Go ahead and try Codynamic!
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